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Welcome to the 50th episode of ToK This episode's items:- Kuttanadan meen peera & Karimeen pollichchathu. Kuttanad is a place where, the beauty of the 'kayal' or lake would steel the minds of the tourists. The fresh karimeen from the lake has its unique taste and in this episode , we are going to experience two of that unmatchable taste.

Chilly powder
Turmeric powder
Garam masala
Pepper powder
Curry leaves
Coconut oil
How to prepare
First step is to prepare the masala to smear the fish.
Make a paste of 2 tbs. chilly powder,1/4 tsp.turmeric powder , 1/4 tsp. garam masala, 1/2 tsp. pepper powder and salt (for taste), cut some lines on the fish ,and smear the paste well on it.
Wait for a little bit of time, for the taste of the masala to be spread on the fish.
Next step is to half-cook the fish in 1/2 cup of coconut oil in a frying pan.
Fry both sides of the fish for 2 mins. eachand change it to a plantain leaf.
To prepare the masala for roasting the fish, add some chopped onion into the same oil used for slightly frying the fish, earlier.
Add some masala prepared earlier, and some curry leaves.
Stir-fry it.
Then filter the masala from the oil, smear it well on the half-cooked fish, and cover it with the plantain leaf.
Next step is to roast the karimeen.
Heat in gentle fire, a plantain leaf-end and put on it the leaf -covered fish.
Then tie them with a gently heated plantain -fibre.
Place a frying pan on the stove and sprinkle some water.
Place the leaf -covered karimeen on the pan and sprinkle some water again on it.
Then close it. Sprinkle water occassionly.
Cook it until the leaf becomes brown in colour.
Kuttanadan meen peera
Neththoli/ kozhuva/ chooda fish
Green chilly: 8 nos.
Coconut: 1/2 piece
Garlic : 5 nos.
Ginger: 1 small piece
Small onion : 10 nos.
Curry leaves: 2-3 leaves
Manilla tamarind
Coconut oil
Turmeric powder
How to prepare
Use an earthen pot to get the full taste of the dish.
Place a pot on the stove and pour some coconut oil into it.
Wait till it becomes hot.
Take scraped coconut, vertically cut and chopped green chilly, crushed garlic- small onion - ginger,
manilla tamarind , curry leaves, required amount of turmeric powder, and salt(needed) in a plate, and mix them with your hand.
Then add this mixture to the hot oil.
When it becomes hot, add the fish to it.
Mix well and close the pan.
After 5 mins. add 2 tsp.coconutoil , mix it and cook again for some time.


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